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should gamers be accountable for ingame war crimes

if you mean people hurting other people's feelings I say its too dam bad its a game suck it up . It's political correctness gone mad, though I fear this goes deeper than that and is more of a spin on the usual attempt for the mainstream media - and their various allies - to paint large portions of the gaming community as budding psychopaths. Images, GIFs and videos featured seven times a day. Just a 'Hey, you know what would be nice? Article (with reader comments) from The Guardian. Quote: The Red Cross wants to have a greater influence in the virtual world of battlefields. could potentially make them more interesting than just shoot shoot shoot in a hail of bullets. If you are having trouble subscribing with this form, try the version here. Lol. AlternativeOk1808 4 days ago Lemme see my list What about God of war players. The ICRC is concerned that certain game scenarios could lead to a trivialization of serious violations of the law of armed conflict, they added. I can just see it now, police knock on the door," hello mam is your 8 year old son Johnny home? Same. Players need to be able to live with the consequences of actions in more subtle ways. Activision, the producers of the video game Call of Duty, and Rockstar, the producers of Grand Theft Auto, did not respond to a request for comment by NBC News at the time this article was published. Home article Should gamers be accountable for in-game war crimes? But it could realistically be put in actual military simulators, such as ARMA for example. Though now that i stop to think about it, is modern war anything other than it twitched shoot it? Now of course it would get boring if everyone gave up, but having the random enemy throw their hands up and surrender would add some realism to the game, and force the player to pay attention to the room instead of the standard, it twitched shoot it rule. This is something military games have been telling us for many years. Hahaha 'no russian' would have half the men ages like 18-30 locked up and on death row right now. Is this feasible? When I read the thread title, I was thinking this was a play of words on match gamers. If nothing else, adding behind-the-scenes political proceedings would increase the realism and imersiveness of war games, making them more fun (to me, anyway). People playground players. Seems to me that without naming names there are a fair number of politicians in my country and others that we can comfortably say are guilty of willful war crimes and crimes against humanity, but instead y'all wanna go on a witch hunt because someone plays Terran in Starcraft 2? Press J to jump to the feed. Cookie Notice By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Snipers Hide is a community of Snipers of all kinds, focusing on long range shooting, accuracy, and ballistics. this was a few nights ago, took forever to upload after the capture. The enemy! There's just as much war crimes done in CoD series as in GTA, People Playground, *gun shots* *explosions* *carnage* *destroying the flesh with thrusters* *torture* *genocide* *brutality* *injecting literal acid into humans* *drowning* *reviving* *repeat* *lava* *crushing* *stretching* *flamethrower* *chainsaw* *so much more*. So I take out a Tristan vs his Thorax and we begin. For more information, please see our Same thing sorta happened with Bully. For more information, please see our The BBC were quoting The Red Cross in an interview with The Guardian - these were not the opinions of the BBC. Privacy Policy. Feedback. . Gamers should be rewarded for respecting the law of armed conflict and there should be virtual penalties for serious violations of the law of armed conflict, in other words war crimes. We would like to see the law of armed conflict integrated into the games so that players have a realistic experience and deal first-hand with the dilemmas facing real combatants on real battlefields. If you look at the Guardian article, Red Cross is suggesting that videogames be more realistic and have in-game consequences for committing war crimes: And Red Cross says they don't want to ruin anyone's fun; they just want "realistic" war games to address the same political and social consequences of real wars. It "sort of" exists already in some effect. If you'd like to support our work with a donation, see here or choose Paypal or Patreon. Most of the games are a relief to people, a window to be what they want to do, in certain games, these activities are the whole point of the game, lie, kill and win. Yes that will make games soooo much more enjoyable by inserting nagging fucking lawyers. 1.8K 106. The ICRC believes there is a place for international humanitarian law (the law of armed conflict) in video games, the organization that works worldwide to provide humanitarian help for people caught in war zones said in a statement on their website. The idea of an action adventure that put the player into a series of defining humanitarian situations allowing the story to spin-off in the player's moral direction is interesting but it's hugely unlikely in the action cinema world of the modern shooter. 2022 Monday Good Morning Good Night. It is also only suggesting this for games that represent realistic military situations. I don't think this was about introducing more reality to games, that was just the most convincing excuse they could conjure up. April 22, 2020, 10:40:49 PM. 1.5K 53. Remember, no russian. 2. The ability to name characters in titles like Cannon Fodder and XCOM, for example, provided a heightened level of emotional attachment for many players. How do you move beyond the simple message, "Mission failed, you have broken international law and will spend the next ten years in prison. We are at war with another corp. One of their members challenges me to a 1 on 1 and assures me the rest of their guys will abide by it. This'. Tsk, tsk. Sun Tzu would probably laugh at all of it. Macsiurtain_2019 6 may 2020 605 30 People need thicker skin not just tissue paper for protection . "Nobody ever considers themselves to be the villain.". There have been two stand-out examples. It involves using at least one more brain cell, and that's always a good thing. Here is however what I find funny about the whole video game business and the media / government / politicians. We would like to see the law of armed conflict integrated into the games so that players have a realistic experience and deal first-hand with the dilemmas facing real combatants on real battlefields. - Mongoose - 10-06-2013 Seems interesting to be aware of, although not applicable (or is it?) A series of international statutes, conventions and norms have developed and identify a range of violations related to armed conflict. I mean saved in the last 6 years, Every Minecraft player would go to jail for villager trafficking, I may have committed Genozide in multiple villages and also took war prisoners, creepy is Im not even the worst, Ummm . Rich_Boy_420 30 apr 2020. Post your templates or request one instead! Blockland Forums Home; Help; Login; Register; Blockland Forums . Yes he is, whats going on? Barrett explained that the ICRC were already working with production companies to incorporate these rules into games and others who they had not contacted, had also incorporated some of them into their products. We would be keen to work with others, he said. 12/2019 - 11/20212 roky. Not to say i'm anywhere close to up to date with current FPS games, those tend to be that last thing i pick up on my list of games to play, but I know from the last CoD game I played that friendly fire was instant game over, and the same applied for the very very very few civies that were in the game. >_>. You know, I could continue to rant on this but I'm going to cut my reply short. In Operation Wolf, accidentally machine gunning a glitching sprite that vaguely resembled a non-military human could be easily divorced from the reality of armed conflict. - various concepts for suit add-ons and effects. It's supposedly what we all agreed were the "rules" of war. I remember my first go on Taito's explosive arcade title Operation Wolf it was the late-80s and this frenzied blast-'em-up, with its jungle environment and hostage rescue missions, was clearly gunning for a generation of Rambo II fanatics. Jeezsmdh. There are many games which offer zero harassment venues, as does Eve in its NPC corp system. Gamers should be rewarded for respecting the law of armed conflict and there should be virtual penalties for serious violations of the law of armed conflict, in other words war crimes. Should gamers be accountable for in-game war crimes? Seems like a reasonable suggestion to improve the quality of videogames, if you ask me, but I like fiction that deals with consequences of war with ambiguity and complexity. There's also a robotic empire where you can set it so it can't negotiate with organic species and only robotic ones, 'determined exterminator' it only wants to destroy organics. Brno, South Moravia, Czechia. Battlefield 4 the siege of Shanghai level, GTA5 Online: microtransactions disabled as connection woes continue, Call of Duty Ghosts: hands-on and new details, A Q&A document posted on the organisation's website. They can go ahead and give an opinion but at the end of the day, people like me couldn't GAF. It's also pretty terrifying that there's people out there seriously considering proposing something like this, though little surprises me when many of those in positions of influence and power turn out to be out of touch with reality and/or corrupt. Despite this statement, the ICRC claims it's "not involved in the debate about violence in video games." #should #gamers #accountable #game #war #persona #sie. If I knew I'd get a dishonorable discharge for murdering civilians, I would make extra sure not to do it, instead of callously blowing away everything in front of me. Lemme see my list I got: Animal abuse (we all did the sheep thing Im nit the only one!!! A well disciplined enemy! These days, if you accidentally (or otherwise) shoot a civilian or comrade in a military shooter, you'll probably get a 'mission failed' message and a one-way trip back to the last checkpoint. Should gamers be accountable in-game war crimes? Besides, 'realism' in cases such as this would likely amount to pushing particularly political agendas. Gamers should be rewarded for respecting the law of armed conflict and there should be virtual penalties for serious violations of the law of armed conflict, in other words war crimes. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. That's how I read it, and honestly? Of which Starsector is not. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. In a scene reminiscent of the Black Hawk Down incident, they must decide whether to shoot their way out or face death. I play Stellaris and in that game I literally enslave, genocide, displace entire species and one of the things I can do is eat them/work them to death. In Battlefield 5 or Call of Duty 27, it may not be so simple to dismiss the sight of a photo-realistic person lying in the dust, eyes rolling back, limbs spasming. Of course, this was really more about mechanics than ethics: players were being tested on their reactions and visual awareness, and failure meant a reduction in game time rather than a few moments' reflection on innocent victims. But what it wouldn't let you do was kill passing civilians: collateral damage of this sort took a big chunk off your health bar. Our intention is not to spoil player's enjoyment by for example, interrupting the game with pop-up messages listing legal provisions or lecturing gamers on the law of armed conflict. SquidRoss . Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. It is these sorts of split-second decisions that really suggest something about the complexities of combat. 2023 Vox Media, LLC. TheInternational Committee of the Red Cross has confirmed that itwon't prosecute gamers for participating in pretend war crimes, but that doesn't mean it wants to leave the topic alone. Should gamers be accountable for in-game war crimes? moments fr. warp scramble them for 8 hours sometime, that's grief. 99% of the possible targets on the field were in fact baddies and had the free to kill on them. THE Should gamers be accountable for in-game war crimes? Shishimarin pleaded guilty to shooting Oleksandr Shelipov, 62, in . 12K Likes, 302 Comments. Though I actually play pretty nice. ShOuLD GAmers bE aCcOunTaBle foR iN gAmE wAr cRiMeS | Let's Talk War Loch 393 subscribers Subscribe 194 Share 4.9K views 2 years ago Sorry about the gusts of breath, As most of you probs. . NPR's A Martinez talks to White House deputy national security adviser Jon Finer about options available to the U.S. and its allies for holding Russia responsible for alleged war crimes. We do often see the consequences of player actions being threaded into gameplay, but this tends to be in the adventure genre. purdu_2016 12 oct 2021. TikTok video from TommyKay (@tommykaydaily): "Should gamers go to jail for ingame war crimes? They would absolutely lose it since everything goes! #history #war #warmemes #ww2 #ww2history #stellaris #hoi4 #ww1 #ww2memes #hoi4memes". But then, of course, these examples offer more than a mere punishment mechanic which is what the ICRC seems to be asking for. As if the loss of 7 billion people due to genocide was just a footnote. Yeah there is some talent gettin about there Uff this lockdowns hittin hard but on the upside it aint quite a gulag where u need to pay someone in food to get inspiration to keep world peace. Within the action, civilians are are not people who deserve humane treatment, they're walking fail states to be avoided in the pursuit of success. Here's a rundown of the legal situation as the international community looks for ways to hold Russia accountable for the killings, widespread destruction and human rights abuses that have been. 317 comment. 6. I imagine that while the Red Cross has their heart in the right place, most people find this idea to be absurd. Advertisement. In Modern Warfare 2's notorious No Russian mission a US soldier is embedded with a Russian terrorist organisation and must take part in a mass killing at an airport. Should gamers be accountable in-game war crimes? Really!? triangle springs staff,

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